We specialise in real estate investment and bespoke, high quality private residential developments. We will collaborate with companies who align with our high standards and principles to produce high quality environmentally friendly buildings. We work with local authorities, planning consultants, architects, private investors, government departments and other public bodies to create long-term affordable real estate solutions.

We can provide Local Authority Pension Funds and (selected) real estate fund managers with the opportunity to acquire one of our TRED (TORVIK real estate deal) packages to take forward for pension fund or private investment. These exclusive off-market deals are not available to everyone and can be provided as fully analysed deals to take forward with investment committees. They will have a strong focus on geographical and economical locations that have a mix of positive local infrastructure, strong rental demand, and capital growth, which is an investment pre-requisite for the BTR (Build to Rent) sector.

Our professional straight forward approach has enabled us to work with several Local Authorities, Banks, and Private Investors.

We are operating throughout the UK.